Dragon Ball Xenoverse Preview

A fighting game featuring custom characters and the iconic characters of the "Dragon Ball" franchise

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7

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This is the classic card game that comes to life on your computer screen.

The color and details are stunning, capturing all of the characteristics of the Dragon Ball components just like you would see them on the cards. You'll be able to play as Goku or any of his friends in the game. There is a bit of a twist to this version of the game that you won't find with some of the other versions in the series.

A story line is present, and it's not a line that has been done before. There are several new components with the game, such as a few new characters and a few actions that will help you with powers in the game. A group called the Time Breakers has caused history to be rewritten, which is where you come in on the game. Your goal is to make things like they should be with the Dragon Ball characters. You will create a hero with the characteristics that you want to see.

You'll find that in story missions, there are numerous battles to complete. You can often select the battles that you want to do so that you can get the harder ones out of the way. This is also the time when you will meet the Z Warriors. They will help you rewrite history. You will visit some of the important areas in the land of Dragon Ball and meet a few of the characters who will give you bits and pieces of information that you need to put together in order to write the timeline. You can participate in the Versus and World Tournaments where you'll see about 47 characters to try to defeat.


  • Fun story line
  • Colorful animation
  • Several areas for playing


  • Camera views can be bad
  • Some games have limited characters

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